It’s simple! Improvement Partners are wholly and absolutely on working with small and medium enterprises to help them succeed!

Our Philosophy

We have seen the value of a vast range of business tools having worked in large consultancy firms worldwide. We believe that all businesses should benefit from these tools and techniques however too often they are confused and haven’t been adapted to make them appropriate. We believe in demystifying and adapting recognised techniques to make them practical and affordable to the wider business community. We have set ourselves the goal to provide access to these tools & techniques used at a fraction of the cost you would be charged by any of the well known brands.

Out Goal is to be

  • Affordable
  • Flexible
  • Clear

Why us?

All of the disciplines of business improvement are there to provide the tools to find and provide focus for business decision-making. They are relevant to all businesses however tend to be seen as the domain of the corporation or large business. Whilst it is true that these techniques are effective in uncovering rich sources of improvement opportunities in the hands of the corporations. It is also true that the same techniques have a place in smaller businesses. The art is strip them of the complexity and distill them into ‘appropriately’ useable tools that are fit for the purpose.

If your business needs improvement you have come to the right place.

Past Clients

We have advices some of the larger corporations and some of the local smaller businesses. Below you can see some of the brands we worked with.


Free Consultation

We are here to help and to get the conversation started we offer free consultations.

About us

Improvement partners has been in the works for a few years now. We both understand very well that operations and strategy can’t function in isolation and due to the celebration of

Andrew Johnson

Andrew has over 20 years experience in business improvement having worked in many different sectors advising leaders and teams. He has a versatile suite of value adding capabilities, able to help clients :

  • Make sense of complexity
  • Integrate and unify underperforming teams
  • Develop strategic approaches and thinking
  • Develop operational models and frameworks
  • Develop business cases
  • Drive Lean Six Sigma initiatives

Nik Lemmens

Nik has over 15 years experience in operational improvements. He loves a good challenge and has worked in some very difficult environments. He thrives making complex things simple and visual so all levels in the organisation get it.

  • Identify business opportunities
  • Deliver operational improvements
  • Analyse business problems
  • Deliver Lean Six Sigma projects
  • Develop improvement programmes
Improvement Partners