Avoid These: 11 Website Conversion Mistakes #Infographic

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website conversion killers


Is your website struggling to turn page viewers into actual customers? Look at these Conversion Killers and understand how to better optimise your website.

Your website is the place where the most potential customers will interact with your company. To make sure you are putting your best foot forward, establish what you would consider a conversion and clean up your home page so that your website is visually appealing to a viewer. Be certain to utilise SEO to draw clicks, but avoid industry jargon and make sure whatever claims you make on your web site can be backed up with facts. Offer help to your users and give them a chance to give you feedback. All web sites should be able to interact via social media and none should try to hard sell before the viewer is ready. Give users a search field to easily find what they are looking for and make sure your call for action is crystal clear. If a prospect doesn’t realise how to become a customer, they will not become a customer.

If you can avoid these Conversion Killers, your website will have a cleaner, simpler look with an improved customer experience and can flourish by turning the casual viewer into a loyal customer.

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