Data Management and Other IT Trends for 2016 #infographic

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IT Trends 2016


According to a recent survey conducted by a document management company, perhaps the most compelling challenge for businesses today is the processing of data. The task today is no longer where to store the massive amounts of data accumulating, but how to use it.

Assessing industrial revolutions of the past 200 years, one person is quoted as saying that today, the issue is no longer speeding things up or converting business to function in a new environment. The real issue is our inability to make useful sense of the data we have collected.

A related problem that surfaced in the survey results is the very small additional funding that many IT managers expect to receive in 2016. In fact, many foresee no increase in their budgets. Faced with a monumental amount of data and no adequate current means of processing and/or presenting the results to a business in need of results, the future of document management is indeed not clear.

Many in the IT industry may benefit from the services of experts/consultants who assist in working data into management information and formatting so it helps other areas of the business to get maximum value from it.

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