Decision making in agile world is somewhere SME’s may have the edge

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The trend toward agile ways of working where decisions are needed ‘at pace’ and ideas are developed as soon as they are thought about plays into many of the SME strengths.  I came across this article by McKinsey explaining how the organisational model must evolve to leverage this trend.  It is trying to teach elephants to dance [to coin a famous IBM phrase] large organisations are desperate to move quickly and respond at lightning speed to trends.  They have the resource and the scale to dominate their space BUT they lack the nimbleness that the SME community have.

It is critical in today’s demanding marketplaces to react and shift with the times and make decisions quickly.  Large organisations have to have layers and ‘governance’ to check that investments are made in the interests of the organisation.  I would argue that in the short term this will be the same for most large organisations, the McKinsey paper shows what needs to be done and I’m sure that they will figure it out over time.  It is however systematically built into most organisations of any size, this is where there may be a window of opportunity for the SME community to use their ability to leverage ‘lean decision making’ to generate some competitive advantage over the big boys.

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