Here’s Why We Should All Take Steps To Improve Our Cybersecurity #Infographic

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Cyber Security


This infographic concerns cyber security. With a 15% rise in cyber threats between 2014 and 2015 alone this concern is not misplaced. With so many of us having every detail of our life stored on some sort of technology, protection of this data and information is vital. Recent years have illustrated an influx in hackers that obtain the ability to penetrate even past government IT infrastructure. With such important information on the line it is of no surprise that the market for this area of defence is so large, with an estimated $655 billion to be spent between 2015-2020 alone. Zero-day attacks, cloud-data leakage, mobile malware, targeted attacks and SQL injections are the top 5 types of attack. The top 5 areas of protections are network defences, endpoint and mobile device protection, data in motion defences, data at rest defences and analysis and correlation tools. Recent research has uncovered many device manufacturers and service providers failing to carry out common security measures in products and these common security practises are about to become more vital in the next 5 years, cyber insurance policies are due to double. This information is bound to leave you feeling vulnerable. We would heartily recommend looking at a reliable Internet Security company to help you protect your critical business data.

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