Hybrid cloud popularity on the rise #Infographic

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Hybrid Cloud

hybrid cloud

The hybrid cloud approach (keeping around half or more of all applications and systems in the cloud) is highly popular among businesses. Only 1% of survey respondents indicated that they anticipated no cloud use in the next five years, and two thirds of survey respondents indicated already using or evaluating the use of a hybrid cloud approach, making this topic especially relevant.

Respondents indicated several reasons for preferring cloud-based systems, focusing heavily on data storage, convenience, and avoiding the cost and difficulty of increasing hardware. Interestingly, whilst respondents indicated that avoiding hardware costs was the most popular reason for a hybrid model, respondents also indicated a lack of trust with hidden costs and other general cost concerns. Quality of service, including unplanned outages and potential security breaches, also constituted major concerns with utilising a cloud model. However, ease of use, flexibility, and simplicity constituted some very positive outcomes and rationales. Reflecting the relative levels of comfort and trust in different areas of a hybrid model, respondents indicated that they found data storage, office applications, and IT applications to be best suited for this model, whilst engineering/manufacturing, HR, and big data and data analytics seemed least suited.

All in all, the hybrid cloud approach appears to be on the rise in popularity. Specifically using a hybrid approach, rather than an exclusively cloud-based approach, caters well to the mixed levels of comfort with different types of applications.

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