Improve employee wellbeing and see their productivity grow #infographic

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Employee wellbeing


Worker wellbeing is critical to the success of any business,  work related stresses has negative impacts for both employees and their employer. Promoting the health and wellbeing of workers can boost those workers’ productivity and increase the business success in general.

There are five useful tips for maximising worker well being presented here. The first tip is to simplify the technologies used by employees in the workplace. Doing this removes barriers to employee collaboration and allows your workforce to work more efficiently. Another way to cultivate well being among employees is to create break-out areas. These are common areas dedicated for employee relaxation, a space where they can unwind or take a break from their work desk.

A third approach to maximising worker wellbeing is to create separate, private meeting rooms or offices. These spaces are suitable for work meetings but also allow for privacy and limit distractions created by co-workers on other projects. Providing a sufficiently open workspace and comfortable furniture that promotes good posture will also enhance your employees’ wellbeing and health, as will the creation of an Employee Assistant Program, or EAP. This program allows workers to speak with trained health professionals regarding psychological health and wellbeing concerns, often pertaining to stress.

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