Increase Your Website Speed by Tackling These Issues #INFOGRAPHIC

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Website Speed issues


Businesses with an online presence have to meet the challenge of engaging the consumer before they enter the store. How fast a business website loads should be a critical concern because the loading speed of a business’ website is linked to the earning power of that business.

Slower-loading websites lose sales through word-of-mouth exchanges. Potential consumers who were unhappy after visiting a website are more likely to tell their friends to avoid that business. This results in lowered sales and fewer page hits.

Sluggish web pages are also overlooked by Google. Google is the world’s premiere search engine. Its mission is to get people what they need in as little time as possible, and if a website is too slow, Google doesn’t have an incentive to put that business at the top of a search query. This results in a decreased awareness of that business on a global scale, and therefore its ability to financially prosper is threatened. In order to attract Google, website operators would be wise to spend time doing things like fixing bulky images, reducing HTTP requests and activate browser caching.

Speed is just one component of a website, but if it’s not paid its due respect, slow-speed websites will be talked about through different communities and will lose business. Additionally, Google won’t have a reason to market it, and that business will lose global recognition. Businesses should take the time to fix internal issues of their website so the company can prosper.

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