Looking for that elusive disruptive opportunity?

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Saw this piece on disruptive technology that excites the geek in every small business person.  Get your head around the technology that we are all hearing about daily and forget the boundaries and constraints of the past.  It all sounds so familiar these days and ever since the dawn of the internet we have been bombarded with stories of eureka moments that have landed the business success beyond belief.  Whilst we should all be looking for that diamond, there are lots of opportunities for tech that might not make our fortune however they are every bit as innovative.  The key is to accept that you cannot hope to be completely up to date with everything however keep your personal radar on and be clear about what sorts of things could delight your customers.

Disruption doesn’t have to change the world it can just mix stuff up a bit.  If it creates a twinkle in your customer’s eyes and engages their excitement muscles it might just enjoy doing business with you, never a bad thing.  A note of caution is that innovation and adaption MUST add value and not impact on the things that customers already like about you, it’s a balance as ever between being ever changing and experimental that has to align with what the customers want.

Read the full disruptive technology article here

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