Monitoring Employees’ Internet Usage at Work #Infographic

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Privacy at work


Social media and online connectedness have spread quickly and are here to stay. Whilst some employees find Internet monitoring by their employers to be creepy or distrustful, there are perfectly valid reasons for the employers to do so in order to make sure that business computers are used for business related matters only.

Employees should accept that overall there is little digital privacy when at work. Over 60% of employers monitor employees at work and 77% of major employers monitor employees. Employers use specialised computer software to monitor employee usage of the Internet, including social sites, email, videos, and chat. Employers also monitor employee productivity, keystroke frequencies, and PC idle time.

More and more employers have written policies about non-work Internet usage, and employees can be fired if they break such policies. Certain industries such as healthcare are required to have higher levels of computer knowledge and strict policies to safeguard patient privacy.

Overall, employee monitoring practice has become more widely spread and accepted.

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