Overused cliches to be banned from business meetings #INFOGRAPHIC

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Phrases you hear at work and hate


Replace tired jargon with concise and industry-specific terminology to grab your colleagues’ attention. Learn the phrases to avoid and some suggestions for more effective ways to express your thoughts.

Using business jargon sounds pretentious at best. Using it incorrectly can make you sound like a jerk. The overuse of jargon comes across as disingenuous and trite. Today’s savvy business professionals prefer straight talkers who say what they mean.

Want to impress a prospective business partner? Do it with knowledge rather than trying to impress with worn-out jargon.

Jargon has endured for centuries, and stubbornly refuses to go away as long as people continue to use it. Although you are sure to encounter it in any workplace, it is worth taking some time to go over what you should not say so you do not annoy your colleagues unnecessarily.

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