Programmatic Advertising: disproving 3 myths #Infographic

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Programmatic Myths

myths about programmatic

There has been research/statistics from an advertising body, who have demonstrated that the use of Programmatic Advertising can boost growth for businesses.

More and more brands are starting to buy, and use, programmatic advertising in order to stay competitive. However, this infographic contends that there are still myths that surround the subject, so it gives us the top 3 misconceptions about programmatic advertising.  SMEs may benefit from thinking about this stuff and how it might help them to become more competitive and potentially boost growth. It starts by defining that programmatic does not mean targeting. It goes on to say that it simply means targeted ads, which includes the right ad for the right person at the right time. It then goes on to say, in the second myth, that there is no need to replace sales teams and media buyers as humans are still needed to build better relationships with customers. Programmatic helps by just simplifying and automating the process. The last myth states that programmatic advertising is more important than creative advertising, but then goes on to show a graph which disproves this point. They believe that creative work is just as important as programmatic work, as creative work is still needed to engage and keep the attention of your audiences.

The infographic helps to show SME’s businesses that there may be a benefit for them, with little or no cost.

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