Slow down your employee turnover using these great tips #INFOGRAPHIC

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Secret of Low Employee Turnover


It is proven that lack of employee engagement is a top contributor for turn-over in organisations.  This Infographic suggests that keeping employees engaged will not only keep them with the employer, but will also improve their work, their camaraderie, and the word-of-mouth reputation of the organisation. Hiring and recruiting well the first time round reduces the churn of employees and is clearly a better way of establishing a positive culture. Keeping an open mind about what employees want from their individual careers and how you can play your part in helping them get there, will help to establish a true relationship that mutually benefits the employee and your company. Its important to listen to people as they decide to leave your employment it will help you understand peoples motivations and perceptions and offer you invaluable insights to improve upon.

Hiring well the first time, listening to and respecting employees and their dreams, and listening to their suggestions and improving the organisation will benefit all in the end. These simple actions will empower the employees, keeping them engaged, over time it will lower the turnover rate of the company and make it a great place to be.

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