If Your SME Suffers from Absenteeism, It’s Time to Invest into a Wellness Program

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The rate of employee absences has increased to the point where it is now affecting many businesses in the UK. These employee absences are costing companies €554 (in euros) per employee each year. The survey takes into account employee wellbeing perceptions. According to Professor Cary Cooper, the president of the CIPD and an expert on employee wellbeing, the UK is at the bottom of the G7 with regards to employee productivity. If an organisation takes care of the wellbeing of its employees, the productivity of all employees increases and so does their happiness, health, enthusiasm and motivation to work harder. Almost 40% of employees have stated that the workplace is becoming harmful for them because they feel excessive amounts of pressure. Over 40% of employees are reporting longer than usual hours at work. Many employees get assigned more work than they can handle. They are expected to work longer hours. They suffer from an overload of technology which is affecting both their physical and mental health. All of this is affecting their performance at work.

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