A Suggested Timeline of Content Marketing Strategies [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Content marketing for SME

Content Marketing has grown up over the last 5 years. Although, the recipe books and side ads are still popular. SEO’s have a new cache of weapons at their disposal for niche marketing.
To give some insight on reaching your chosen niche, in 2011, one of the largest search engine companies rolled out a feature to excluded sites with bad quality to advance in searches.

A large majority of company’s use factory created content marketing which inevitably leads to some bad quality stuff getting through. Two years ago, a ranking algorithm was rolled out helping out Mom and Pop’s companies with highly specific and niche ‘good content’ to potentially outrank the big corporates.

Combine this with the inexorable rise of consumers embracing web shopping.  We are at the point where 100% of Americans will search for a company online rather than use ol’ yeller.
For instance anyone who has a smartphone, which is pretty much everyone in the developed world, is hungry constantly for relevant content. So many content generating sites with individual profiles have popped up recently, that by the time you finished reading this article…another content marketing site will ipo and they’ll already know most of what they need to know about what you want to buy.

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