Things to Include on Your Startup Website #Infographic

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In the modern era of business and technology, no self-respecting enterprise goes without an attractive, concise business website. An effective online presence not only attracts new customers but keeps them interested in what you have to offer them. Unfortunately, new startups often run into trouble when it comes to keeping their webpages stylish, informative, and interesting all at once. Luckily, startups have a simple graph to help create a quality website.

Always remember, you not only want your website to attract new potential clients, you want your website (and therefore, your business) to be as memorable as possible. Have your logo present on the homepage, front and center, and remember to use high resolution photos and images whenever possible. Have key information written on your homepage as well, and make sure your website’s colour scheme results in text that is easy to read. However, embedded videos can be just as if not more effective than text and make your website stand out from the get-go. Perhaps most importantly, make sure to include your contact info somewhere easily accessible to potential clients and investors.

Building a website can be frustrating and overwhelming, but it certainly does not have to be. All these tips and more from are sure to have you overrun in website traffic in no time at all!

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