Are You Thinking of Your Own App? Here Is How To Do It #Infographic

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Are you an app lover and user? Do you ever stop and think where do all these apps come from? This infographic explains how apps are born and all the steps that are taken from it being an idea in someone’s head, to being an icon on your phone which is used daily!
Many trending apps are created by early stage app startups, which are made up of small, dedicated teams. At the top, you’ll find a business founder and technical founder; the business founder (CEO) handles most of the day-to-day business matters whereas the technical founder (CTO) handles the deeper rooted technical issues. Then you get to the core of the app, where the product manager is found; they engineer and create the ins and outs of the app which is then given to the designer who turns it all into reality. From this point a full stack developer fixes any bugs and gives the app a once over to make sure it’s fully functional. Finally, you have the marketer, who is responsible for getting the app into the user’s hands and making its presence well known.
This infographic seamlessly guides the process of how an app is created from its birth to the point it’s on everyone you know’s phone. It’s compelling and is written in such a clear way that anyone who reads this will have a clear understanding of how an app is created and executed.

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