Turn Your Customers into Loyal Advocates in 8 Steps

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Loyal Customers

Every business thrives on and tries to build a set of loyal customers. From the local grocery shop to the most expensive purchases, every company needs repeat business. It is far more effective to keep those customers who have already purchased coming on through the tills.  Apple is a good example of a company with huge customer loyalty and it all begins with a first customer experience.  The experience of walking into a Apple store is one that most of us don’t forget, it is a well thought through engagement that makes us feel part of something good.  All of the ‘feel’ and interaction with staff is designed to draw us into the Apple fraternity, a fraternity that is cool and very popular ‘who couldn’t be seduced?’

In order to achieve real customer loyalty, hiring and training the right people to delivery your customer service is crucial. The initial sale and all future interactions with the company have to be professional and aimed at generating a feeling of being part of something.  Customer service in all its forms is key to accomplishing this goal, it pays to be aware of all the techniques no matter how big or small your organisation is [remember Apple was once a small start up].

Along with hiring the right people, management should provide incentives to the staff to give top notch customer service and to steer the customer to follow up sales. Without enough incentive, the staff may not be eager enough to encourage the next sale. Start ups generally do not have significant capital, and the best way to compensate staff is through an incentive or bonus program.

Technology has completely changed the game of business especially on the sales side. Anyone can do a search or scan a bar code and find the cheapest unit in the area. What makes your company stand out is the way the customer is treated and how the buying experience is unique to your company. Learn about 8 initiatives that will get you there.

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